The Wishing Balloons

The Wishing Balloons

The Wishing Balloons

"The Jung Analysts releases (two cassettes and two-and-a-half LPs) were very much a case of me fumbling along figuring out what I needed to be able to do as a musician in order to make my own music. And they reflect quite well something I’ve never been able to reconcile fully – the desire to have a go at creating ANY kind of music that I happened to find interesting. I was a classically trained pianist from the age of five, and by the time I was 17 I was also more than proficient on bass, guitar and a few other instruments. My interests were also diverse and I was always on the lookout for new music – often things I’d never heard from many decades earlier – that would excite and inspire me. This was a period when I didn’t know if I wanted to be Keith Jarrett, Hans-Joachim Roedelius, New Order, Jaco Pastorius, Frank Zappa, Henry Rollins, Holger Czukay, Robert Smith or Grandmaster Flash! They’re all in there somewhere!

The Wishing Balloons was my second vinyl outing. Some of the details of that time are a little sketchy in my mind, but I recall that the opening track, ‘Here’s Lucifer’, had existed over several years, gradually having more bits and pieces chopped in, and at one point I’d even intended it to take up the whole of one side of the album. (The fast edits were certainly inspired by only just having discovered both the films of Buñuel and Goddard as well as Frank Zappa’s Mothers of Invention albums from nearly 20 years earlier.) I also remember almost not including the tracks ‘Punishment is Art’ because it sounded too “normal" (even with its chorus in 5/4 time!) and the album’s closer, ‘Pluggin’ For the Empire’. BBC legend John Peel took a liking to ‘Jackie Charlton Said…’ and played it quite a few times, referring to it as something like “protest breakdance”! The album received some good reviews, especially in Germany, and was pressed up twice, once with a magenta sleeve and once in yellow. I was proud of The Wishing Balloons at the time, and listening to it now I’m impressed by the amount of detailed effort I put into it. I was young and very sensitive to criticism, taking negative comments very personally indeed. In my head it was intended as a great magnum opus – which it wasn’t! But although some of it now sounds as if my principal aim was to show the listener how clever a musician I was, I think it’s an entertaining listen." -Terry Burrows (2017)


Second LP by Jung Analysts (Terry Burrows/Yukio Yung) originally released on the Hamster label in 1984.

All instruments and voices by Terry Burrows.


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