Pay 2 Play

Pay 2 Play

Pay 2 Play

Following 2015’s Teaspoon to the Ocean (Domino/Weird World) & IV (2014, Burger Records), Pay 2 Play is the 3rd collection of songs from multimedia psychedelic artist Jib Kidder.
A casual but charged selection of simple songs that plant something new and unsettling in the fertile dirt of the past.
Features fresh takes on Bach, Tori Amos & Beat Happening.
RIYL Lindsey Buckingham, and Roger Miller. This deluxe edition comes with an exclusive second cassette of additional cover songs that fit perfect with Pay 2 Play.

Tracks 1-12 (Pay 2 Play)
Tracks 13-18 (Covers EP)

Pay 2 Play will not be streaming or offered for purchase digitally anywhere, but look for it in these other fine formats in addition to the Deluxe Edition:

• A CD/Book edition from Lamb Life.
Get it here:

• A single cassette edition from Gnar Tapes. (Coming Soon)

Many thanks to SSC for allowing us to put this out, it's truly an honor.

Praise for jib kidder:
“An adept successor to the psychedelic multi-trackers of the 1960s" - Financial Times
“It must be intriguing in his head” - Drowned in Sound
“Totally thrilling" - Renowned for Sound
“DIY auteur” - Wire magazine
“The hottest thing a’goin” - Alex Grey
“He’s just dicking around” - Pitchfork


SSC: Vox, Guitar, Bass, Samples, Percussion, Ukulele, Sitar.
Levon Henry: Bass Clarinet on A2, A4, A5, B1, B5 / Sax on A3, B3.
Cal Fish: Flute on A2, B1, B2, B5.
Christina Schneider: Vox on B3, C2, C4, C5.
Mali Sridharan: Vox on A1, B4.
Zach Phillips: Electric Piano on B6.
Adam Forkner: Guitar on A4.
Tom Csatari: Guitar on B3.
Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by SSC at Faculty House, New York, NY, Between September 2014 and December 2016.
Design and Layout by SSC.
In Memory of Barney Canson.