A Leading Surgeon Speaks +

A Leading Surgeon Speaks +

A Leading Surgeon Speaks +

The Story of A Leading Surgeon Speaks +

"Push-Button Pleasure comprised Mark Beaumont and myself (Terry Burrows). Obsessive home recordists -- I'd been a 13-year old schoolboy when I first started experimenting with my dad's tape recorders -- within a few months of meeting, Mark and I had issued cassette albums as Push-Button Pleasure and solo releases as Jung Analysts (me) and Penal Colada (Mark). Making the step up to vinyl, our first LP was a pair of solo sides that for some reason we still presented as Push-Button Pleasure.
The music on the the first side of this tape comprises my side of that LP, a loosely "conceptual" piece called A Leading Surgeon Speaks.
The material on the second side of this tape is made up from unreleased music recorded during the same period for what had been intended as a wholly instrumental album. I quickly lost faith in the idea, even though I did like what I'd recorded. The tracks were all untitled so I've just used the names that were scribbled on the tape boxes at the time. These tracks have since been festering in my archive, unheard by more than a couple of other people. Until Now." -Terry Burrows


All tracks written and played by Terry Burrows.

Side One released in the UK on vinyl in 1983 by Hamster Records and Tapes.

Side Two previously unreleased.

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