Cleaners From Venus “Kitchen Table EP” is OUT NOW!

It is our great pleasure to share with you this brand new EP from one of our favorite artists of all time, Cleaners From Venus/Martin Newell. Kitchen Table EP is pure Newell magic. It’s stripped down, beautiful, and raw. It’s six “perfectly imperfect” tracks, as Martin puts it, that were recorded in true Cleaners D.I.Y. fashion over the course of “one wet weekend using a 4 track Tascam Pocket Studio”. The songs are essentially demos for his upcoming rock musical, for which the working title is “Irene Fontana”. We are huge fans of Martin’s work, so this is a real honor and privilege for us.. a dream come true. We are beyond grateful for opportunity to work with him to put this out and hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Get It Here